Our Services


Land Acquisition

Through our extensive relationships with Land Owners and Corporations, Bismark’s access to properties is vast and direct. Prestigious and desirable properties are usually not available on the open market.

Communicate with Bismark what type of project you would like to participate in and a Professional Consultant will walk you through the process.   

Equity Syndication

Resources for an ambitious and progressive group is never enough, that is why we have a division that is strictly devoted to bringing additional resources into the company for the purpose of engaging in more projects. Bismark partners with our investors by investing together with our investors.

Project and Construction Management

It’s all about the team. Bismark consists of a professional team of Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Consultants that master in the discipline of Real Estate.

Project Marketing and Sales

Marketing is a combination of art and science. Bismark believes in a marketing approach first. Extensive research and analysis is required throughout the rapidly changing real estate market to ensure the precise market positioning of each project.

A diligent, outgoing, and well connected sales team ensures that the top dollar is achieved by the program set forth by the marketing team.