Thanks so much Tony for assisting me to buy my new home. Such a honest, reliable, responsible real estate agent! During the whole purchasing process, he patiently answered all our questions and concerns in a professional manner.  Thanks again Tony, you are awesome!
– C.U



With Tony’s professional advice and help, we brought our perfect house at perfect location. We sincerely appreciate Tony’s patience and are impressed by his superior efficiency.

– Charlene Lee



Thanks to Diana, we have found our perfect first home! We were relocating from the States and were really short on time. Working from abroad, we had limited resources, but Diana was able to find a list of homes within our budget and expectations. When we arrived in town for the viewings, Diana was accommodating, patient, resourceful and proactive in making inquiries. Furthermore, she helped connect us with excellent mortgage and conveyance specialists, so that we were able to close in a very short time!
– Kay & Jesse



In this testimonial, we are sharing our experience with realtor Diana Nguyen who helped us buying an apartment recently.

We were absolutely new to the home buying situation and new to all the terms and rules. We talked to Diana, and with her help we bought an apartment that was a dream for us. During the entire phase starting from looking a suitable place to finally getting it, we have asked her many many questions and she answered everything without getting impatient. Also, it was not difficult for us to get an appointment with her. She was always just an email away.

Diana understood our needs and our financial status and tried to find solutions that worked for us—this could be just as simple as arranging the appropriate timing for the transaction or much more complex. She was transparent and honest with us and spent time discussing all pros and cons about a purchase. She is savvy with the use of new tools and was quick in working with e-signatures, scanning, and providing all required documents both to us and our lawyer on time.

Diana is very friendly but at the same time very professional in her dealings. She is so professional in her job that she did not let us know that she (as our realtor) lived in the same apartment building where we were trying to purchase a unit because she did not want to influence our decision one way or another. We will definitely recommend her.
– Rajeev and Divya, Vancouver, BC



As first time home buyers we are glad that we had Diana with us from the very beginning to the very end. She is very knowledgeable and made the whole experience fun and stress free. We would not have been able to purchase the right home for us if we didn’t have Diana to help us win the bid on a home that had multiple offers. It was a wonderful experience working with her and I would highly recommend her to all our friends and family. Thank you for your outstanding service and for being there all through this journey with us.
– Jason and Catherine, Burnaby, BC



Diana, you are awesome at your job. You were really organized and had great time management. There were a few times when we wanted to give up looking for a place, but we managed to get one because of your help. All in all, we got a decent place and had everything done in time thanks to your help. Thank you, Diana.
– Jason and Sarah, Vancouver, BC



We are first time home buyers and we knew nothing about buying a home. It was stressful, tough, and heart wrenching. But we had Diana. Any questions that we had or any uncertainties, she guided us with the knowledge that she has and answered all of our questions (even the stupid ones) and eased our uncertainties. It was great working with her and she is a fantastic Real Estate Agent. We would recommend her to all our friends. Thank you for being with us and guiding us through such a wonderful journey. =D
– Irene and Elijah, Burnaby, BC



Diana was part of our Supply Chain team and I worked with her for almost two years. I was impressed by her sincerity and integrity. She showed her ability to take ownership beyond her scope when resources changed around her, ably stepping up and handling the additional responsibilities with ease. Very personable and trustworthy. Capably organized company events and always a positive personality to have around.
– Colm Murphy, Manufacturing Manager



I worked with Diana for two years and got exceptionally positive opinion of her professionalism and personality. She is very well organized, follows work ethics and takes seriously customers’ needs. Diana is very comfortable around people; she communicates naturally and makes them comfortable too. When working with Diana, the most difficult problems become solved, the most boring tasks become fun, all people become friends.
– Sergey Ovcharenko, Electrical Engineering Manager



I worked with Diana at Verathon and always found her to be friendly, cooperative, and considerate. She was very organized and took pride in the work she did, ensuring that it was done well, frequently going beyond what was expected. She build excellent relationships with our vendors ensuring that we received the right product on time. It was a pleasure working with her.
– Mitchell Visser, Mechanical Engineer Manager



I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Diana during my time at Verathon Medical Canada. Diana was someone I could trust to complete the responsibilities that were given to her. She was a important contributor to the success of Supply Chain Department at Verathon. Diana enjoyed being given new challenges and opportunities. She was always a pleasure to be around and a great team member. I would recommend Diana for any opportunity she wants to do. I know that she will be successful.
– Everett Reid, SCMP, BBA, Supply Chain Manager



It’s rare to come across a person such as Diana. I had the privilege of working with Diana for the last 9 years at VSM Medtech and Verathon Medical Canada. In that time I have known her to be very professional, efficient, and a hard working individual that excels at her core job duties. I was particularly impressed with her ability to learn quickly and get her job done while juggling additional tasks during the time when she was the only person in the Purchasing department. Diana always had the ability to put smiles on people’s faces and she will be missed. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her as she would be a huge asset to any team.
– Jason Lee, Production Engineering Technologist